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Filing a Fender-Bender Claim

Filing a Fender-Bender Claim

Most South Carolina drivers know that if they’re involved in a major car accident, they’re supposed to call the police, possibly an ambulance, and secure a personal injury attorney to help them file a claim against the at-fault driver. But when it comes to fender-benders, too many people fail to file a police report or file a claim at all.

What is a fender-bender exactly? It’s a minor accident that occurs at a low speed and involves either a fender or bumper. Most people fail to file a police report or even an insurance claim because they think the damages are too minor and inexpensive, but they can be taken by surprise when they learn how costly a fender-bender can be.

Minor Fender-Benders Can Cost Thousands

While the damage in a fender-bender may appear to be insignificant, there could be a lot more damage than what the drivers see at first glance, especially when the vehicles are very different sizes and the bumpers are not at the same heights.

For example, if a Chevy Suburban strikes a Fiat 500, the Fiat can sustain significant property damage, even at low speeds. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety conducted a study into the huge cost of mismatched bumpers, of which the Institute said this: “SUV bumpers that don’t line up with those on cars can lead to huge repair bills in what should be minor collisions in stop-and-go traffic.”

Joe Nolan, the Institute’s chief administrative officer said, “SUVs and cars share the road. The problem is they don’t share the same bumper rules, and consumers end up paying the price.” According to the study, when an SUV with a high bumper collides with a regular-sized passenger car at 10 mph, the total damage to both vehicles ranges between $2,995 and $7,444 depending on the particular vehicle models involved.

Why Do I Need to File a Fender Bender Claim?

Even if you believe the damage is less than $500, you should still file a police report and inform your insurance company. Here’s an example why: Suppose the other driver is at-fault, but he or she waits weeks before reporting their injuries and they blame you for the accident.

You could face a lawsuit and be potentially liable for their medical costs without there being any type of police report or official record of the accident, one that you were not the cause of! Also, when you report a seemingly minor accident, you’re protecting yourself in case something starts rattling, something starts hurting, or if you discover that the actual property damage is far more than you originally thought.

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