Blog Posts in November, 2017

Filing a Fender-Bender Claim

Most South Carolina drivers know that if they’re involved in a major car accident, they’re supposed to call the police, possibly an ambulance, and secure a personal injury attorney to help ...
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Can My Friends Drive My Car?

In our opinion, just about every licensed driver at some point or another has wondered, “If I let my friend borrow my car, will their auto insurance cover them if they’re in a car ...
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Reporting an Accident When the Police Don't Show

In the event of a major crash, usually somebody, whether it’s someone involved in the accident or a bystander will call 911 to report the accident. Soon after, the police and possibly an ...
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Can I Sue if I'm Hit in a Store Parking Lot?

Parking lots can be dangerous places for pedestrians, especially when stores are busy and there is a lot of traffic going in and out of the lot. Drivers often strike pedestrians when pulling out of ...
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