The importance of filing for reconsideration of a denied Social Security claim.

As a Social Security Disability attorney I hear from a lot of people whose claims for disability benefits have been denied. It is not unusual for someone who has worked hard all their life and now is truly disabled to have their claim denied by the Social Security  Administration.

After reading the denial letter some people think they should reapply for benefits and start the process over. This is a mistake that could add months onto your claims process and cost you thousands of dollars.

If your claim for disability benefits has been denied instead of filing a new application you should appeal by filing the paperwork for reconsideration. This is the procedure authorize under the Social Security Administration's regulations to appeal an improperly denied claim.

If your claim then ultimately prevails at the next or any subsequent level you will be entitled to back due benefits based on the date of your original application. Further as many denied claims are awarded at a hearing you are now that much closer to having your case heard.

If you have been denied Social Security disability benefits you can contact our office for a no-cost disability case evaluation. You can reach Social Security disability lawyer James Snell at (803) 359-3301.

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