Columbia Medical Misdiagnosis Attorney

The Duty to Diagnose

It could be said that diagnosis is the most important aspect of a doctor's practice. Without the ability to accurately recognize and identify an injury or illness, it is impossible to prescribe the right medication, surgery, or other treatment. Diagnosis is one of the primary reasons that people turn to doctors for help - they are the ones who can be counted upon to parse the patient's symptoms in order to find the root cause and recommend the necessary actions for healing. Under certain circumstances, a doctor or other healthcare provider may be held legally liable for failure to diagnose or for misdiagnosing a medical condition. If another doctor, faced with the same symptoms and test results, could reasonably be expected to have made an accurate diagnosis, then your doctor may be liable to a lawsuit for medical malpractice.

Proving a malpractice claim that involves misdiagnosis frequently requires hiring medical professionals who can provide expert testimony in the case in order to support the assertion that the defendant failed to uphold the duty of care. The Columbia medical malpractice lawyers of the Law Office of James R. Snell, Jr., LLC have the necessary resources and dedication for preparing this type of case, and we invite you to contact us now for a free consultation to review your legal options and get started on a plan of action.

Why Misdiagnosis is Dangerous

Misdiagnosis can have grave consequences for a patient. He or she may be prescribed the wrong medication or could be ordered to receive an inappropriate surgery or treatment - either of which could cause unnecessary complications, serious injury, or death. Similarly, a failure to diagnose a condition such as cancer will dramatically increase the chances that the illness will progress beyond the point of being susceptible to treatment and that the patient will suffer permanently. Don't pay the price for your doctor's mistakes - let us fight for your right to fair compensation for your losses! Call a Columbia personal injury attorney at the firm today.

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