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Filing an Effective Birth Defect Claim

If your child or someone you know was born with birth defects, and the mother was taking Topamax or other dangerous drugs during pregnancy, you should talk with a Columbia personal injury lawyer. Our firm, the Law Office of James R. Snell, Jr., LLC is dedicated to helping individuals who have been injured due to negative side effects of prescribed drugs.

This is especially the case when the medication is at first deemed to be relatively safe, but then later is found much more likely to cause harm. This inadequate testing before being released to the public can be the basis for a claim, where the injured party might receive compensation for medical bills, treatment and more.

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Topamax as a Pregnancy Category D Drug

Another dangerous drug is Topamax, also known as topiramate. Its purpose is to prevent migraine headaches and also treat epilepsy. Originally, there was some indication that this drug could be harmful to a fetus, but there was no clear cut evidence. Therefore, it was classified as a pregnancy category C drug.

More recently, however, the FDA has classified it as a category D drug, meaning there is clear evidence that it can be harmful to a human fetus. Common side effects for Topamax include cleft lips and cleft palates in babies whose mothers took the drug during pregnancy. Treatment usually includes surgeries over a number of years.

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It can be devastating to have a child born with a defect. Some of these defects can only be marginally treated, while others may take months, even years of ongoing treatment. We aggressively pursue compensation against drug manufacturers who put drugs on the market before they are proven safe and injuries result. To learn whether you might have a claim, call us today.

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