Underinsured Motorist Claims in Columbia

Representation by a Columbia, SC Auto Accident Attorney

While there are some drivers who completely lack insurance, there are others who have coverage but are underinsured. An underinsured individual is a driver who meets the state's minimum insurance coverage requirements, but whose policy limits are not high enough to cover the damages in a particular auto accident he or she caused. Purchasing only the minimum required insurance, or close to the minimum, can make a driver more likely to become an "underinsured motorist" in an accident. When an accident is caused by a driver who does not have enough insurance, the victim can be at risk of not receiving the full amount of compensation that he or she needs for recovery.

At the Law Office of James R. Snell, Jr., LLC, our experienced legal team wants to help you protect your rights to maximum payment. One way to this is through an underinsured motorist claim, if you carry underinsured motorist (UIM) insurance. This is coverage that provides you with a certain level of financial protection in the case that you are injured in an accident caused by an underinsured driver. Our Columbia personal injury lawyer has provided valuable information about these types of claims and how he might be able to assist you in your case.

How does UIM coverage work?

Underinsured motorist coverage is meant to pay for your damages minus the amount of money the at-fault party's insurance policy covers. The amount of compensation paid by your insurance company and the other party's insurance company combined cannot exceed the policy limits of your UIM policy. Your coverage can be used for injuries that you receive, as well as for injuries received by any of your passengers. You can usually add UIM protection to your policy at minimal cost. This form of insurance is not required within the state of South Carolina.

In order to receive compensation under your UIM insurance, you will need to file an underinsured motorist claim. You can only receive payment in a case in which the other party is at fault. Unfortunately, some individuals run into situations in which their claims are denied, or in which the insurance company is offering a claim settlement that is simply too low. This leaves you back to square one where you do not have the payment you need to cover the expenses that were incurred by your accident.

In these types of situations, Attorney James R. Snell, Jr. can help you challenge the insurance company's decision. He can work directly with the insurer to negotiate a better deal or to even handle the matter in court, if needed. The talented lawyer can challenge certain claims that are being made against you, such as a claim that you are actually the one fully at fault for the accident, or that you were partially at fault and therefore are only entitled to partial compensation. Our firm also handles uninsured motorist claims.

Working with the Right Legal Counsel in Columbia, SC

When choosing your legal counsel for your case, make sure to select an attorney who is both qualified and attentive to your needs. That is exactly what you get at our firm. Attorney Snell has extensive educational and professional experience, and he also makes his clients the number-one priority. He makes himself available around-the-clock for client calls, and he is able to meet with clients even on evenings and weekends.

To schedule an appointment with our Columbia injury attorney, contact the Law Office of James R. Snell, Jr., LLC today. We want to help you obtain the compensation you are rightfully due after an accident, even if the other driver is not properly insured!

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