Defective Passenger and Truck Tires

There are ongoing injuries and deaths around the country as a result of dangerous and defective tires. One common, yet almost unknown to the public, cause of defective tire accidents are old or outdated tires.

There is currently no "born on date" (like on a beverage can) that is easily accessible by consumers. Although all major tire manufacturers recomend retiring tires after a certain age there are very few safeguards to prevent dated used tires from being sold. Old tires may be included with cars sold by used car dealers. They may also be sold as "new" by a new tire shop even though they have been sitting in a warehouse aging for years.

When an accident occurs as a result of an outdated tire blowing out or failing it can result in serious injury or even death. This may be the responsibility of the retailer, dealer, installer or operator of the tire causing the accident.
Categories: Products Liability
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