Do you have to give a recorded statement to an insurance company after an accident?

One of the common tactics used by liability insurance carriers is to demand that an injured person provide them with a recorded statement. These are usually taken by telephone shortly after an injury has occurred.

There is no requirement in South Carolina that an injured person must provide such a statement in order to recover for their injury. Frequently the insurance company representative will pressure people shortly after an accident to provide these statements, regardless of it is a convenient time or what the other circumstances are.

Just like on police TV shows "everything you say can and may be used against you." When someone has been victimized by the negligence or fault of an individual or corporation it is not the injured person who should be challenged, but rather the party responsibility for their damages.

If you have been injured and feel uncomfortable about being pressured to provided a recorded statement that is a good sign that you may benefit from consulting with an injury law attorney.

Categories: Personal Injury
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